Pressure Cooker Accessories by GINEVETM

  • | Our sets include 1 Stainless-steel steamer basket for Instant Pot w/COMPLETE SET of 12 UTENSILS silicone covered handle, 1 silicone egg bites mold with 1 lid, 1 egg bites mold sling handles, 1 non-stick, 7" springform pan with easy release, 1 egg steamer rack that doubles as a steaming stand and cooling rack, 1 stainless steel steamer basket insert, 2 silicone gloves, 1 silicone hot pad, 1 silicone tongs, 1 bowl clip & dish clip, 1 food clip. Instant Pot accessories are dishwasher safe.

  • | Steaming is the healthy cooking choice as it retains up to 90% of nutrients and natural flavors in your foods than traditional cooking methods. Our instant pot accessories 8 quart are perfect if you lead a healthy, eco-friendly, fast-paced lifestyle. Cooking in an electric pressure cooker produces the most delicious, instant HEALTHY EATINGone pot meals and treats and reduces cooking time by up to 70%.

  • ENDLESS MEAL POTENTIAL | The recipes for your vegetables, eggs, meats, veggies, grains, seafood, and deserts are limitless. Use your recipes, your imagination, or use the FREE RECIPE eBOOK and COOKING TIME TABLES for 65 types of meats, seafood & veggies included with your order. We don't mail these to you. We email them to you and you save them to your computer. IMPORTANT: If you have opted out of Amazon emails please email us on this site to grant permission to email these useful gifts to you.

  • | Our Instant Pot steamer basket, egg steamer rack, and insert are made of premium food grade stainless steel. Our silicone instant pot accessories 6 qt & 8 qt are BPA free. Our accessory pieces meet US food grade standards. Though HIGHEST QUALITY GINEVE accessories are designed for use with various brands of pressure cookers they absolutely can be used in standard pots.

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