Reusable Mesh Produce Bags by GINEVETM

☮GINEVE REUSABLE PRODUCE BAGS are constructed of biodegradable, natural cotton mesh and natural drawstrings. Our bags have biodegradable wooden cord locks unlike the PLASTIC and HEAVY METAL cord locks you see on the market today.

☮MACHINE WASHABLE | Stretch wet bags top to bottom and side to side then hang or layout to quickly dry.


☮EACH SET of 12 BAGS contains 4 Small (8"x11") 4 Medium (13"x11") 4 Large (17" x 11").


☮OUR UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE UPC Labels | PATENT PENDING | are securely sewn into the durable double stitching we include on every bag. While shopping, you simply remove the UPC sticker from your fruit or veggie item and stick it on the UPC label on your bag. Then fill and close your bag. Our labels remove the frustration at the grocery checkout. Even though many produce bags are slightly see through they do not have an unobstructed method to scan the contents. UNTIL NOW! No longer are you or the cashier required to release a cord lock, struggle to open the cinched bag to expose the contents, remove 1 item of fruit or veggie, scan the barcode on the item and reverse the process for every bag you bring to the grocery counter. With our bags you or the cashier simply scans the label and moves on to the next item. This EXCLUSIVE UPC LABEL feature on our reusable produce bags is a precious time saver.


☮TARE WEIGHTS are displayed on the reverse side of our UPC labels for bag weight deduction at the grocery check out.


☮Thank You for recycling our Eco Friendly packaging! "Saving the planet one bag at a time!"


☮OUR 3 COLOR LABELS provide immediate bag size recognition. Large, Medium, and Small. Simple and Easy!




☮Because "You Can Believe in Gineve" we offer a 30-DAY manufacturer guarantee on every purchase. To receive the BEST reusable produce bags available on the market today simply click the "ADD TO CART" button and become a super fan!